Advertising Programs vs. Organic SEO

Advertising Programs vs. Organic SEO

Advertising vs Organic SEO

Small business owners, especially those who are still new to search engine optimization, get confused about organic search engine optimization and advertising programs which help to keep websites on top of search queries even if they’re considerably new in the niche. Below are some facts which should help clarify the confusion.

Small business SEO is long term but takes 6 months to a year to reflect. Organic search engine optimization tactics can give you long term placements on search engine queries, but it does take time. Most website owners find that they can’t get included in search listings until six months to one year from their publication. This is because there are so many websites being produced online. Keyword usage and placements can only be indexed by search engine crawlers after a period of time. Just imagine the number of people who have made web pages similar to yours, and who are using the same key words you are using. They could have better placements or higher densities. Much of the principal behind this though, is guesswork because search engines never really divulge their algorithms. The safest way for you to optimize your web pages to search engines is to use the maximum allowable keyword density on textual content and at the same time write for human visitors, primarily.

Small business SEO advertising programs can speed up the process but only for a limited time.
There are advertising programs like Google AdWords managed by UK SEO services which could place your website on top of search engine queries. In reality, though, you will be sitting on the “sponsored links” section which means your website will be reflected first before the organically optimized pages. Sponsored links are cleverly camouflaged so visitors could mistake them for naturally optimized web pages. Of course, while this gives you an advantage over competitors with older websites, advertising programs can only give you the query space while you’re paying for the services. They are also obliged to mark that part of the list with “sponsored links” so as not to misinform consumers. To keep enjoying this advantage over other websites in the same niche, you will have to pay regularly. You must also understand that a high traffic to your website does not necessarily translate into high sales. You will have to have convincing and well-written content to be able to persuade consumers to buy your products.

Combining organic search engine optimization with advertising programs usually does the trick. During the first six to twelve months of your publication, you may want to apply to advertising programs like Google AdWords first. This way, you can have top rankings even if search engines haven’t indexed your web pages yet. However, don’t depend on this tactic alone because you wouldn’t want to pay for an ads program forever. You should still do everything you can to naturally optimize your website for search engines. Do this by using keywords reasonably throughout the text of your website and maybe even establishing networks with other bloggers who write about the products or services you’re offering. Include a self-help blog on your website so that these articles can be syndicated across the web. Incoming links can help raise the popularity of your web pages, although you may want to hire a UK SEO Service for this

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