Case Study

Local SEO Service for a local business

A chance meeting with Nick, a local handyman fitting some blinds for our office, presented a great opportunity for him to promote his website.

After some keyword analysis and discussion, it was decided that there were three or four search terms that he would benefit from if he had a more prominent position within the search results of the major engines. At the same time, Nick also had a new business direction that he wanted to promote and was keen for people to find him when they searched for related terms.

In this case, he wanted to start being found for his new Manchester based property maintenance service, a competitive market with big players already well established. None the less, we targeted the term ‘Property Maintenance Manchester’

and got to work optimizing his site as well as promoting it through the various other channels such as forums, Facebook and Twitter. At the time we started the campaign, Nick’s site showed up in position number 91. That means on Page 10 of the search results, clearly in a spot that wasn’t going to gain any exposure, or more importantly, clicks from potential customers.

Two months later, Nick’s site was number 2 for this popular search term. Given that 98% of people choose a website from the first five results, you can only imagine what this meant for the popularity of his website!

This is just one example of the results we have achieved for hundreds of customers already. Why not see what InterSites can do to promote your website by calling us today for an informal chat. You have nothing to lose and very likely a lot to gain!


  • – Google UK #1 for ‘Weekend Ski Breaks’
  • – Google UK #1 for ‘Keston Boiler Repair’
  • – Google UK #1 for ‘Manchester Bicycle Shop’
  • – Google US #6 for ‘Prince2 Certification’
  • – Google UK #1 for ‘Property Maintenance Manchester’
  • Many more examples available upon request