Internet Marketing FAQ

As this type of marketing is new to many people, we’ve put together some Q&As for some of the more commonly asked questions. If of course your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.
Internet marketing has a lot of acronyms. What do they all mean?
Like any industry, Internet Marketing is littered with acronyms and buzzwords. We’ve put together a brief explanation of the more popular ones right here.
What are the business benefits of Internet Marketing?
As the Internet continues to surge in popularity, more and more people are using search services to look up information about a particular product, service or to gather information for making a purchase or other buying decision. Being the ‘new Yellow Pages‘, no business can afford not to be easily found on the Internet.
By being easily found, a business can expect new interest and new leads which ultimately generate new sales opportunities.
How long will it take my company to be on the front page of Google?
Any SEO campaign takes time to have effect. This is largely due to how long it takes the search engines to crawl all the competing sites and evaluate them against each other. Typically a well constructed campaign will start to show significant momentum within 4-6 months. It can take more or less than this time depending on other factors, the primary issue being competition.
If a small software company writing addons for Windows 7 wants to rank highly for the search term “Windows 7″ it will unlikely ever beat Microsoft to the top spot. This is because Microsoft have a hugely relevant website which Google will recognize as an authority and therefore award preferential search positions to.
If on the other hand, a company wanted to rank highly for “gherkin and cream cocktail recepies”, we’d be confidant of getting them ranked #1 within a week!
I read this book that says I can do it myself
Indeed there is plenty of literature explaining some of the methods we use. There’s no big secret to Search Engine Optimisation and others can learn how to do it too. However, there are a few things to bare in mind:

  • A professional company has the necessary knowledge to handle every aspect of search engine marketing. We will work on achieving your goals.
  • You or your staff may not have time to invest learning SEO. Your time is better spent focusing on other aspects of your business while you let experienced professionals handle your online strategy.
  • Overdoing one method or choosing the wrong search terms can have a devistating effect on your site’s visibility, as far as even becoming deregistered by the search engines altogether. InterSites has the experience to customise the strategy for your individual site and apply it in the most effective way.
  • It takes a lot of time to learn how to perform SEO/SEM properly, to be able to predict changes in the search market and act accordingly, to develop and put into action new strategies.
    Are you using 100% safe, approved methods?
    Unlike many of our competitors, we wouldn’t consider using anything else…or we wouldn’t be in business for long.

  • All our work is hand done, no automated software is used.
  • We dont use any spammy websites selling v*iag*ra to advertise your site (we wont even say that word on our own site!)
  • Any links we build to your site are relevant and themed from static pages. No useless link farms or any of that rubbish.
  • We dont use any dodgy techniques such as page redirection ect…just plain old fashioned page optimisation and marketing.