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google analytics for small businesses

Sep 6, 20121 | Pete | SEO for Small Businesses, SEO Services, Small Business SEO, The Blog | No Comments

Using Google AdWords for Small Business SEO

There are natural ways for you to optimize your business website. However, the results can take up to six months to surface. With goods and services at stake, and with your competition getting way ahead of you in terms of advertising, you may have to step up the game a little. Maybe it’s time to consider using Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords.

What is Google AdWords?
AdWords is an advertising program which allows you to place links to your website and have them looking like top searches when a client naturally makes a query on Google. As one of the leading search engines today, this advertising program is probably your best option in the market. You can continue using AdWords until you’re satisfied that your pages have done their time and that they’re organically optimized and recognized by search engines already. After which, you may not even need to continue your campaign.

Can you expect sales from Google AdWords?
You can certainly expect more traffic to your website when you sign up for Google AdWords, IF, you are careful in choosing the right search terms for your advert. As for how well this traffic would translate to actual sales—you will have to take a good look at your website. Do you have a strong landing page? Is the content on your website convincing? Were you able to strike up a balance in your sales pitches, or are you mostly using hard sell which is least likely to help you gain more consumers? AdWords is an advertising tool, and advertising tools are here to raise awareness about your products or services. Sales conversion will depend on how well website functions.

How can you optimize your ads in Google AdWords?
When you sign up, you are actually given a comprehensive guide on how you can manipulate your Google ads. The strategies are different, and you can choose which ones to follow depending on what you’re planning to achieve. If you would like to get more clicks on your links, you should work on the keywords you’re using and the placement of these keywords. More popular keywords are bound to get more clicks. If you would like to have more CTR or click through rates, choose the most targeted (specific) keywords in the list within your niche, place these well, and incorporate negative keywords into the mix. Sales conversions, as mentioned earlier, cannot be controlled by Google AdWords completely. This will depend on the potency of your landing page. The program also has tools so you can measure the performance of your efforts.

Relevance and other target keys
Knowing your target market is just as important in search engine optimization as it is in traditional advertising. You can make or break a campaign depending on how well you know your target consumers. Make sure that the keywords you use are specific to your target consumer’s language and locations. Not all English speakers speak the same way. If you’re able to tap into certain nuances to get your consumers’ attention, the ad campaign could give you better sales conversions. Avoid jargon used by experts, though. Instead, communicate in the language your paying customers would use when researching about the products you have on offer.

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