May Newsletter

Another Month, Another Google Update
It seems like just yesterday that Google released their algorithm update – well, they’re at it again (they always are!). Known in the wild as Panda 3.6, the update seeks to balance a number of things including the value of certain types of backlinks.
From what we’ve seen this month, many people have slipped a few places for one or two keywords, while others have improved. A large part of the update seems to have favored larger brands and has given them a lift accordingly. Many SEO agencies are talking about the lower quality of search results since the update, surely if I search online to buy jeans and get given Gap as the top website, I could have just picked up the yellow pages. Where’s all the diversity? Anyway, here’s what we’re doing about it.
A larger part of our link building will be coming from high ranking and on topic websites. Those of you on any package over our most basic offering will benefit from this immediately as we build out links from sites related to your industry sector.
As I’ve stressed many times before, SEO is all well and good but you must try to create fresh content for your website at least once a month. Get those blogs fired up and type out 500 words – it’s a great investment of 20 minutes of your time. Anything will do, a product review, your opinion on the market you operate in – its all good.
Less Links – More Diversity
As mentioned in the previous news item, we are adding additional link types to our SEO methods. From extensive testing we’re seeing a good correlation between having links built from a very wide range of sources and higher ranking.
With this in mind, we’re actually going to reduce the number of links we build for our clients each month, but have an even wider range of sources. Furthermore, having links from on-topic sources will provide greater authority to your website for your keywords.
Finally, as ever, we’re constantly making smaller tweaks to your SEO campaign to keep the results coming. For example this month we’ve started to include more Web 2.0 links from News Sites, Wiki pages and journals etc. Search engines such as Google seem to love these…therefore we do too.
Did You Know?
If you refer a friend to us and they buy any regular SEO package, we will credit your account with £1100 – £1500 depending on which package they take up. Just drop us an email if you have sent someone our way and we’ll be sure to send you some karma…and some cash 

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