Back to School Mini-Series Part 1

Back to School Mini-Series Part 1

Let’s face it, no right-minded person launches a website with the goal of it being invisible – everyone would like their page to show up slap bang at the top of Page 1 in Google, Bing and Yahoo! It can happen by itself but it takes time. A lot of time. Everyday, we speak to owners of websites who aren’t sure where to start to help themselves get found online, or at least in the visible search engine results.

In this three part mini-series, we explain some of the simple things you can do to help your own SEO. You’ll learn why having a website that provides a great user experience is essential for both your SEO and your visitors.

Part 1: A Great Website Has Great Content
It’s absolutely true. It’s the reason you visit your favourite websites and the reason many others do. The majority of websites are static, that is, their contents doesn’t change frequently. Many businesses just use their website as a sort of online flyer for their business, providing a message and some contact details. This is all well for people who just need the companies phone number or other contact details but the problem is though, that they are unlikely to return. Why? Because they feel that the’ve seen everything the website has to offer and have no reason to revisit! What a shame for the site owner who may well have spent a few thousand making it look perfect – all to see the majority of visitors leave within 10 seconds, never to return.

Wouldn’t it be better if what your site had to offer changed periodically so that people knew there would be something fresh each and every time they returned? Of course it would, it’s the reasons why your local news website has many more visitors than yours. People want fresh content.
So at this point you might be thinking ‘great – but my business doesn’t change much and I don’t have anything new to say on a regular basis‘.  That is simply not true. Think of the amusing things that happen at work every so often or the random things you see on your way to the office. All of these things make for engaging, amusing content. Now I’m not going to say that these items should feature prominently on your home page, but I’m sure they’d make for an amusing blog post right? Instead of telling your buddies about it on Facebook or Twitter, why not make a blog entry about what happened and only place a link to that blog post on Facebook?
By doing this, you’ll be adding content to your site which benefits both your visitors and your SEO. How does it benefit SEO? Simple. The search engines have cottoned on to the fact that people like to know what’s new…not what’s old, and they’ve incorporated this into their algorithms to make sure that sites with fresh content get the limelight. This is demonstrated pretty clearly in the search results too. If you search for a celebrity, Google will return the results that are the most up to date. For example, if I do a search for ‘Kim Kardashian’, what results do I see?

Search for fresh content

Yup, Google returns News results for my search ahead of celebuzz (arguably the Internets most popular celeb site) AND even Wikipedia!

What does this tell us?
Plain and clear – up to date content is king. It’s what people want and what most search engines are delivering as a result. Gone are the days where a static webpage with gorgeous graphics and a few ‘like me on Facebook’ buttons was enough. By implementing a blog and watering it even just once a week, will keep you out of that segment of sites that are deemed ‘old & SEO Blogboring’. The web has changed, people are looking for different things from a website than they were 5 years ago. It’s not hard to implement a blog, software like WordPress is both free and easy to use.
Now that you know how people are thinking when they visit a website and how this impacts your search results, isn’t it time you stepped up your game?

Next part: Work on your link building.
At present you probably pay someone to assist you with this. It’s a good move but you can also do a couple of small things that will help you in a big way. Stay tuned.

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