Page Speed Optimisation

Slide in front of your competitors with higher ranking in search engines and a fast loading website

Why do Page Speed optimisation?

Recently Google has placed more emphasis on sites providing a great user experience and part of that is the time in which is takes your site to load. After all, who wants to wait for a slow website? Nobody, visitors just get bored and click away – the last thing you want, especially if you’ve just paid for that click from your AdWords account!

How do you measure your site’s loading speed?

Fortunately as part of their initiative, Google have released a tool to let anyone get a measure of their site’s performance and official Page Speed score. This tool will run some tests against your site and provide you with a score between 0 and 100, the higher your score, the faster your site is.
Ideally you are aiming for a 90+ score

How do you increase your site’s Page Speed score?

Once you have run the analysis, you will see a report detailing their ‘recommended’ changes. When we say recommended, what this really means is ESSENTIAL. If Google give you advice that will affect your ranking and therefore number of visitors can you afford to ignore them?
Sadly, implementing many of these suggestions requires considerable technical know how, plus it’s an intensive task that can take many hours to get right.

Our Page Speed services

Let us take all the weight off your shoulders and implement the changes for you. Regardless of your score from Google we can guarantee that after we’re done, you’ll be left with a 90+ result when you re-run the same test. Your visitors will see a website that loads in a flash and you’ll be rewarded for it by Google!
Sound good? Of course it does – see our price table below to learn how much it costs to reap these benefits.