SEO Site Design

Are you considering building a new website for your business? Have you found a great designer already or are in the process of looking for one?

While InterSites doesn’t build bespoke websites (we’re an SEO company after all), we can help you or your designer make the right choices from an SEO perspective before mistakes become ingrained and difficult to rectify later.

There are more than 100 signals used by search engines such as Google to determine your site’s topic, rank and relevancy. By putting in the right foundations, your website will be well on the way to having great accessibility and visibility before you even begin SEO! Let us help you get it right first time by working closely with you and/or your web designer to ensure that the key elements are in the right place – correcting them later can be very time consuming and costly.

We can help:

  • Ensure that your site is 100% XHTML valid
  • SEO friendly
  • Has proper page linking
  • Employs Pagerank sculpting
  • Is using the right tags in the right places
  • Properly promotes your keywords
  • Has the correct keyword density
  • Is crawlable by having a custom robots.txt created
  • Isn’t using technologies that make your content difficult to index
  • Isn’t accidentally falling foul of search engine recommendations
  • Isn’t suffering from duplicate content issues
  • Is making proper use of rel canonical links

As you can see there is plenty to it and as mentioned already, correcting these items later is a daunting task, especially if you are selling products directly on your website.

Make sure your website launch is a successful one and goes on to SEO victory by contacting us during the early stages of development.


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