Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO is the Next Big Thing


Why is it Important?

For years, the rise of social media has been well documented. Even movies have been made about its huge success. That’s all well and good, but are YOU benefiting from it? A lot of clients approach us assuming that having a bunch of likes on their Facebook page is going to make some difference to their visibility on the web. Well it certainly wont benefit you if those ‘likes’ were paid for and there is very little to be gained in terms of ranking your website.

A proper Social Media SEO campaign needs to have some substance. Some proper links from authority sites and some contextual content within which to insert the link. Our Social Media SEO service offers exactly this. Here’s what you get:

What Will We Do for You?

  • Write 1 Professional Press Release
  • Syndicate the release to more than 50 TOP high authority News Sites
  • Gain you links from hundreds of smaller sites (journals, news sites etc)
  • Produce 200 Authentic Twitter re-Tweets
  • Create 100 Wiki backlinks from custom content
  • Target multiple keywords generated by us using LSI and more standard anchor text e.g ‘click here’
  • Bring you targeted traffic from the above links


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