Top Secrets about Small Business SEO

Top Secrets about Small Business SEO

Top Secrets about Small Business SEO

Developing a website or a blog is one of the most economical and effective ways you can market your business. However, there is one factor you need to watch out for: competition. Very few business owners actually know what to do when it comes to small business seo. They’re able to put up impressive content and lay out fancy website pages, but they’re unable to optimize the website so it would rank well on search engines.

Smart content
The quality of your textual content will make or break your small business seo efforts. As a general rule, you should remember that key phrases are necessary because these are tools which help search engine crawlers index your website. Your keyword usage should be natural, though, unless you want your content to be banned and tagged as spam by search engines. Also, remember that you are primarily there to please human visitors. Your content should be useful, grammatically flawless, and informative so you can attract human visitors whether or not they originally planned to purchase anything from you. The key is to expose your business to potential clients.

Placing the call-to-action
Of course, since you are concerned about small business seo and not just any kind of search engine optimization techniques, you need to place a call-to-action at the end of a blog which gives general information or tips related to your sales pages. For example, if you are selling website design ebooks, your blogs should be general tips and “peeks” into effective website conceptualizations. At the last two lines, you can subtly entice customers to avail of your ebooks for more information. The operative word here is “subtle”. Be careful not to oversell because text that is too subjective tends to be less credible.

Simple layout
Most people don’t know this but the download speed of your web pages affects your ranking on search engines. This is why professional web designers try to avoid flash images and animated java script page elements like cursors. They can get in the way of search engine crawlers because of the complexity of the html codes. When you keep things simple, your pages will be indexed faster by search engines. You will also gain a wider human audience because those with slower Internet connections won’t be intimidated by your website.

Building link networks
The diversity, more than the number, of link backs to your website can help you rank higher in search engines. This is why high quality content is really a must when you’re practicing good small business seo. Great informative articles on your blog portion can help you get “recommended” by other bloggers. The etiquette behind this is that other bloggers can repost your article, but they must give you credit for it and provide a back link to your site. Even if you are selling clothes and not articles, include self-help information in your website just the same. As long as they make your products look good, they should do your website no harm.

Make it work for your marketing plan
Remember that as good as your small business seo techniques may be, they’re only one small part of your marketing plan. Your seo efforts should work well with your other marketing efforts. You can integrate your website details into your emailed newsletters, your business cards, and your flyers if you wish.

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